Monday, January 15, 2007

Old ladies pass up bingo for cell phones....

My friend, Michelle Miller has this post on her blog from yesterday.

WonderBranding: Marketing to Women: The First Wave of Boomer Tech?

Essentially, it serves to remind us that females over 40 are one of our fastest growing groups of tech users, whether we are talking cell phones, PDAs or computers.  If you are one of these folks or if you are planning to teach to this group, you have chosen a great group to serve.  Not to demean other groups, but it's been my personal opinion that this category of users seem to relish the learning more than some other groups.  That is not to say that others don't enjoy learning but this collective shouts it from the rooftops when they finally "get it".

My Mom, who will be 80 on her next birthday, has already called me this morning to tell me how much she enjoyed using my brother's laptop (he was visiting her this weekend).  Her only complaint was that she has not yet learned the knack of using a scroll pad instead of a mouse.  From my background, I know there are work-arounds for that.  What did she like best....the portability of the computer games she likes to play.....who'd a think it.

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