Sunday, January 14, 2007


So, the new year begins. It's already January 15, and aside from several things I worked on during the holidays, it's time to get the machinery cranked back up and working. I am now hosting the RebuildingIndianola blog on my own server, and I have upgraded nearly everything at Elderville (still need to manually upgrade the WordPress blog...maybe I'll get to that soon), most of the videos have been moved over to GoogleVideo, the new Brannan & Brannan Wind Farm is coming together nicely, and BranninniGlassWerx is...well, slow right now...too much to do.

The family is all healthy, and I am still positioned somewhere between my Mom and lots of grand kids and great grand kids in this generational sandwich.

I'm taking a semester out of school this spring (Master of Educational Technology at University of Texas at Brownsville), so I can devote some energy to Knowplace. Knowplace will host the Knowtips Conference and the Canadian MoodleMoot this spring as well as be co-host for the WiAOC (Webheads in Action On-line Convergence), so I felt a need to focus on areas other than my formal studies.

I'm also signed up for a couple of the EVOnline sessions that start today. In fact, that was part of the reason for this post. Toward the end of last year I created a short "Self-Introduction" video that I thought I would display here instead of writing a long drawn-out discourse on who I am for each learning session or training I sign up for. Now I can just refer folks to this post and you can get to know me without having to re-write my bio each time I take a new class.

And with that, Ill post the video and sign out of this post. I'll be putting additional work related post here in the coming days, so put me on your social network.

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