Thursday, October 19, 2006

Make it count.

In response to a post to the The "EdTech" Blog regarding "University of California A-G Guide".

Standardization....hummmm....! I can see why when it comes to obtaining degrees and/or certification, but there are going to be far more classes on the net than those just for degrees and certification. I have taken all sorts of clases on-line. Many have directly related to a degree. I had not really considered whether or not it might provide me a degree that other schools might not accept, but I see the point. I have also taken classes that were supposed to be standardized only to find that in some cases, that meant they would send a spy to the class to see if we stayed on-line for not one minute less than one hour at a time.

I can see where a University has it's standings to protect. If they dont turn out a certain product, then not only will funding drop but so will the reputation of the school. But I do have a concern that the requirements might get too inane and foolish, and turn into clockwatcher rules or TEKS test type standardization. The best answer for me, is to avoid such types of programs, and focus instead on what fun non-standardized things adults want to learn about, and then keep my finger on the learning pulse of the participants.

I'm gonna have to think about this one for a while. It's a difficult issue and seems to have many sides.

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