Thursday, August 10, 2006

Google may expand library project with UC Library contents

"Google is keen to have access to UC's 34 million volumes from 100 libraries on 10 campuses, which is described as collectively the largest academic research library in the world. UC wants to delve more deeply into the Internet revolution with a deep-pockets partner like Google paying the costs of scanning books."
So the end times are upon us...California is about to fall into the ocean, and like Ninevah and Alexandria before it, a great library is about to be lost....But wait.  Is there a way to prepare for said demise?  Is there a way for Google to save the day?

Well, UC California thinks so.  The great UC library, is about to join Stanford and Harvard in the monster attempt to preserve written data by digitizing.  It's partnership with Google might involve (keep in mind that we are still in early stages of negotiation here), making two copies of a book (not known yet whether this includes copyrighted materials or just public domain materials), one for the libraries own personal use, and one for the huge Google database of works.  Does this sound familiar to you?  I should,  The great library at Alexandria in it's heyday, would ask travelers to submit any usable documents to the great library.  It would keep the original and make a copy for the owner and send them on their way.  It was an early attempt at cataloging a database of all print and art materials available. 

So regardless of great earthquake or humongous hurricane, or world war, so long as Google can maintain a digital virtual library, we have a chance of preserving the knowledge of mankind.

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