Friday, September 22, 2006

Day Four - Learning Communities - The Moodle Commons

Yesterday, Kayla commented on SCoPE an how comfortable she felt in another community that was built on a Moodle foundation. I thought that today, we might look at still another community built on Moodle---The Moodle Community. This is the development community at Moodle. It is large, well organized and a wonderful example of how a Moodle can be set up to handle a learning community.

It also brings to mind a question about foundations of learning communities. How distinct are the appliications that communities of learning rest on. We will look at some communities that are strictly email list, some that are Moodle based like this one, and some that use other applications, like Joomla and Elgg. So give me your thoughts on the foundations of learning environments. How do they influence the community or do they?

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