Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Day Eight - Learning Communities - Increasing Learning and Involvement

Today, I thought we might pull into the next drive in movie and watch whatever is on the screen. Well, lucky for us, there is a film here about learning communities. It's short but it brings up some pretty good points. One thing that really has been hanging around my brain since watching it, is how professionals talk to each other. Far too often we couch what we say in language that we fully understand, but makes many of us sound like outter space invaders to other group members. In order to sustain a really interactive community, we have to re-learn or re-hearse basic communication skills. Using the latest terminology may prove to us, that we are on top of technological change, but if the party who is listening to us does not understand that of which we speak, then it does little to even open our mouths.....

Academy for Sustainable Communities

What kinds of things in this short movie reverberate or connect for you?

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