Friday, June 16, 2006

Business on a blog

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I am sitting in my mobile office this morning...America's Best Coffee Shop. Hubert, the owner, knows that I consider this to be my branch office, with my primary office, my PC at home. I often come here, with my laptop, my USB headset and my cellular phone, and connect with other associates all over the world (if the time zones cooperate). So I am contemplating just how much business you can conduct via a blog this morning. While I was thinking about it, I noticed that my Skype (VOIP) version was not the latest (a newer version was issued this week). So I updated it. Then while I am thinking about the new capabilities in that version, I looked to make sure that it was still compatible with my Jyve application (Jyve is a Skype interactive device that allows for a lot of additional features within the Skype architecture). Fortunately it was up to date, but while I was checking on it, I came across JyvePro. JyvePro appears to me, to be a good attempt to make what I hope to do with consulting even more accessible from my blog. It allows the blog reader or listener, to IM me, e-mail me, leave a message, talk to me if my Skype is active or leave a message on my home phone if I am not active. It also allows me to adverstise my services (maybe my elevator speech or my business tagline). It also allows me to advertise what I actually do and gives me a space where I can put my price. It's still in the beta version and may have some bugs, but it is thinking in the right direction. As this class continues, you will see add this device to my "Links" column. I'll keep you posted regarding how much success I have with it.

In the meantime, for those of you fathers out there...In the States, Father's day falls on this weekend. Fortunately for me, all of my children and some of my Grandkids and some of my Great Grandkids will be around to visit. I'm looking forward to being "King" for the weekend.

Next week, I'll tackle adding an RSS feed to both the blog and the blog audios (both the audio post and the podcast when I have them). I'll also try to connect these back to consulting to show another tool that is available on the net.

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